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ROCCA SupaTill Bedder STB-450

The Rocca SupaTill Bedder is a top quality implement designed and engineered with features such as a heavy duty square tube steel frame at 8mm wall thickness, heavy duty SKF bearings, bigger hubs than the competition, 40mm shaft and triple seals for the hubs, high quality rubber rollers, and more.

The Maintenance-free nylon bushings are a specially formulated high viscosity nylon, giving greater strength and rigidity, superior wear characteristics, and providing improved design reliability when strength, weight and size are critical.

Discs are 6mm boron steel utilizing scallops/notches for superior chopping of crop debris, as well as smooth and fluted styles to suit farmer’s needs. Notched concave discs provide a very aggressive cutting edge that is well suited for soil penetration and incorporating large amounts of straw. These discs are a good choice for residue management, particularly in dry/hard soil and heavy vegetation.

The machine is designed to fit 508-660mm discs to adapt to varying field conditions and operating speeds. This means the STB-450 can cover 5.5ha p/h @ 12kph with ease based on the standard setup configuration using 660mm discs.

The STB-450 hydraulically controls the cutting depth utilizing the rubber rollers. The recommended operating depth is 50-200mm depending on soil conditions and farming needs.

STB-450 Specifications

Item Spec

This implement is designed to cover 14 acres (5.5ha) per hour finishing at approximately 112 to 140 acres (44 to 55ha) per day. Discs are 6mm boron steel and are notched for superior chopping but smooth discs are also available. 

Operating Width 4.5m (15ft)
Tractor 157kw (210hp)
# of Discs 36
Weight 4815kg (10615lb)
Linkage Cat II and Cat III
Disc Size 508-660mm (20-26in)
Operating Speed 8-20kph (5-12.5mph)

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