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ROCCA SupaTill ST-300

The ROCCA SupaTill ST-300 is a compact heavy machine suited for the small farmer, cane growers, row crop and horticulture farmers. This popular model features hydraulic depth control for easy depth adjustment. Options for rear roller are cage or rubber roller. The unit is heavy enough to penetrate hard soils and provide a well uniform job. The unit is fitted to suit Cat 2 hitch. There are 24 discs that come in sizes up to 660mm (26in) using Boron steel discs for superior chopping. Disc options are either notched or plain.

ST-300 Specifications

Item Spec This implement is designed to cover (6 ha) 15 acres per hour.
Operating Width 3.0m (10ft)
Tractor (min) 90kw (120hp)
# of Discs 24
Weight 2600kg (5730lbs)
Linkage Cat II and Cat III
Disc Size 508-660mm (20-26in)
Operating Speed 8-20kph (5-12.5mph)

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