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ROCCA SupaTill ST-350

The ROCCA SupaTill ST-350 features a strong square tube steel frame. The disc gangs are mounted with clamps that can be loosened to allow for lateral movement of the disc gang for spacing and alignment. Disc bearing hubs are high quality greaseless and maintenance free. Torsion rubber placed inside the disc arm clamps allowing for cushioned movement of the disc arm to prevent damage to the disc or disc arm during operation. Perfect for the small to mid-acreage farmer. This popular model features 28 discs and optional cage or rubber roller.

ST-350 Specifications

Item Spec

This implement is designed to cover (7 ha) 17.5 acres per hour

Operating Width 3.5m (11.5ft)
Tractor (min) 112kw (150hp)
# of Discs 28
Weight 2850kg (6280lb)
Linkage Cat II and Cat III
Disc Size 508-660mm (20-26in)
Operating Speed 8-20kph (5-12.5mph)

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