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Rocca Multi-Sep Recycling System

We took the challenge and found the solution: Retrieve, clean and separate with the Rocca Multi-Sep Recycling system. Worldwide horticultural agriculture growing procedures are performed under the use of Plastic Mulch in conjunction with Irrigation Tape. The combined use of these two types of plastic causes significant problems for Recycling Companies. Common retrieving processes roll the Plastic Mulch and Irrigation Tape into one big bale making it impossible to separate and recycle.

Rocca Industries has undertaken extensive research and development to achieve the best results for the prospect of recycling plastic mulch and drip irrigation. The newly designed and tested Rocca Multi-Sep Recycling System simultaneously collects and rolls the plastic mulch and irrigation Tape into two separate recyclable bundles. The pre-cleaning process which occurs during the retrieving procedure ensures that the plastic is cleaned from dirt and debris. Only one single pass is needed and the field will be back to pure soil and organic matter.